Take action to end fossil fuel finance

Want to be part of the movement that will end fossil fuel finance this decade, but not sure where to start?

Explore actions you can take groups you can join and tools you can use to

Join the Whatsapp group to get weekly actions delivered to your phone to influence the banks

Become a branch captain and speak to bank staff about the campaign – it’s super easy and makes a massive impact!

Join a local group to get involved with other activists in your area to take on the big banks.

Be a Divestment Champion

Influencing the decisions of the big 4 banks can’t be done without the support of thousands and thousands of Australians. Chances are, you have friends, family, colleagues who want a safe climate as well and would be willing to pledge to protect it. 

Help us to reach more people by signing up to be a Divestment Champion. You will receive a call from one of our amazing volunteers, who will then send you a guide about how to talk about the campaign, and give you all the resources you need to chat to your friends about protecting land, water and our climate.