Westpac is fuelling climate chaos

Westpac has loaned $7,672,740,787 USD to fossil fuel companies since 2016. 

Although they talk big about their sustainability commitments, they continue to lend to massive fossil fuel companies like Woodside, Santos and Whitehaven who are recklessly expanding fossil fuel fields while our communities suffer from increasing extreme weather events.

Westpac must end oil and gas lending and commit to ending fossil fuels.

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How much does Westpac lend to oil and gas?

Westpac has invested a total of $7,672 million USD in fossil fuels since 2016, according to the Banking on Climate Chaos report. These are their top 10 biggest fossil fuel customers:

* This data comes from the Banking on Climate Chaos report by Rainforest Action Network

What can Westpac do?

Rule Out

Rule out all new oil and gas investments


Divest from existing oil and gas investments by 2030


Invest in the rapid transition to renewable energy

We can have a better future, safe from the impacts of climate change.