CommBank Week of Action: Break up with oil & gas

CommBank can end their long term relationship with fossil fuels, we just need to give them the courage to do it. Find an action near you or sign up to host your own!

From 8-12 May, folks across the country will be holding creative actions out front of CommBank offices and branches to demand they break up with oil & gas companies to protect our climate and communities.

👈 Check out the Sydney team doing that recently!

There are actions happening in:

No action near you?

350 groups across the country are getting together at key CommBank locations to give the big bank the courage they need to break up with oil and gas for good.

We’re looking for folks across the country who can pull together a couple of mates and a catchy sign to be part of a national push on CommBank from the 8th to the 12th of May at your local CommBank branch.

Once you fill in this form, one of our organisers will give you a call and help you with anything you might need – flyers, budget for paint, recruitment support or just a pep talk. We’re here to help, please leave your phone number so we can give you a buzz! Get started by reading the how-to guide here.