Australian banks are fuelling climate chaos

Only a people-powered movement can stop the flow of money to oil and gas corporations that will trample land rights and wreck our climate.

People power wins

We’ve done it before, we can do it again. Across the world over $14 trillion has been divested from fossil fuels, and here in Australia the big 4 all refused to finance Adani’s coal mine in Queensland because everyday people worked together to shift corporations. Sign up now to join this powerful movement and take action with others.

We don’t need more oil and gas

Companies like Santos, Woodside, Origin and Empire have disastrous plans to drill for oil and gas when the world is moving away from fossil fuels and communities are saying NO to fracking fields. Read about the oil and gas fields that threaten our climate.

Australian banks have invested billions into polluting oil and gas fields, while claiming to be climate champions.


Australia’s largest retail bank has funnelled $7 billion towards fossil fuels since 2016.


Macquarie is a major shareholder of NT fracker Empire Energy and loans billions to oil and gas every year.


NAB recently updated their oil and gas lending policy, but it’s full of loopholes. They still lend to oil and gas companies and infrastructure.