How to send CommBank CEO Matt Comyn a calendar invite

Matt must make the time to pull the plug on oil and gas lending. Use the instructions below to flood the CommBank CEO’s calendar with reminders.

If you have an email account that also has a calendar function, you can invite Ross McEwan, CEO of NAB to an event.

Important bits:

  • Matt Comyn is the CEO of Commonwealth Bank. His email is ceo@cba.com.au, you’ll need to add him as a guest.
  • You should also invite us at community@350.org.au so we can see what his calendar looks like
  • Pick any random time in your calendar over the next week and add your reminder with a personalised message like: ‘Reminder: rule out funding oil and gas’, ‘Fill the loop holes in my oil and gas lending policy’
  • You can add other finishing touches too – you can upload a file, set it as recurring, add a description etc.
  • Then press Save

Stuck on how to make a calendar event? Here’s a a guide for Gmail, Outlook and Apple.

If we can fill Matt’s calendar with reminders to end fossil fuel financing for good we can show them that their upcoming decision is under serious scrutiny, and we won’t let them get away with anything less than ruling out oil and gas financing, just like they have for thermal coal.